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Oil spill in Gulf drove 2010 increase in tort costs

The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010 “were the key drivers in the 5.1 percent increase in U.S. tort costs in 2010, according to a new report. The 2011 … Continue reading

NY Times describes “harsh conditions” in Apple’s Chinese factories

A New York Times article entitled “The Human Cost That’s Built Into An iPad,” profiles Apple’s supply chain in China using government-subsidized factories that make it unlikely production might return to the U.S. The piece addresses what it says are … Continue reading

Physicians are increasingly distracted by devices

“Hospitals and doctors’ offices, helping to curb medical error, have invested heavily to put computers, smartphones, and other devices into the hands of medical staff for instant access to patient data, drug information and case studies.” However, “like many cures, … Continue reading

Study suggests anonymous reporting of medical errors increases notification

An online study published on November 21, 2011 in Pediatrics, introducing a non-punitive error reporting system increases non-traditional methods of reporting medical errors. According to the new system, employees would remain anonymous and would not face penalties for reporting medical … Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson agrees to remove traces of toxic chemicals from baby products

With pressure mounting from activists, Johnson & Johnson stated it is continuing its efforts to remove traces of two harmful chemicals from its’ baby products. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, through its website and Facebook page urged a worldwide boycott … Continue reading

No punitive damages for talking on cellphone while driving

A Pennsylvania “trial judge has found that talking on a cellphone while driving is not egregious enough to warrant punitive damages in a motor vehicle accident case.” The case involved a defendant who crossed into the plaintiff ’s lane of … Continue reading

Pictures posted on Facebook lead to workers’ compensation denial

An Arkansas judge rejected an extension of workers’ compensation benefits for an injured worker “after his former employer and insurance company unearthed pictures from social networking sites that showed him ‘drinking and partying.’” Several years ago the man “suffered a … Continue reading

Merck settles Canadian Vioxx lawsuits for $37 million

“Drugmaker Merck & Co…has reached a deal to settle all lawsuits in Canada over its recalled painkiller Vioxx for up to 36.9 million Canadian dollars.” It adds that Merck and plaintiffs’ representatives “have signed the agreement, which is awaiting approval … Continue reading

Allstate to use driving records as a basis for quoting homeowners’ policy rates

Allstate Corp suggests there is a correlation between your driving record and how you take care of your home. The company has started offering a new product in Oklahoma called Home & Home, in which Allstate will consider “the driving … Continue reading

Advocates raise awareness of potentially harmful ingredients in cosmetics

“Drugstore shelves are lined with shampoos, deodorants, moisturizers, soaps and makeup that contain potentially harmful ingredients, say consumer advocates. ‘Research has shown that many conventional personal-care products contain chemicals of concern that can disrupt your hormones, have been linked to … Continue reading

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